Dakshinamurthy Krishna Kumar of Mysore is doing the ‘Matriseva Sankalpa’ Yatra to show his mother the whole of India.

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Forty-four year old Dakshinamurthy Krishna Kumar, an IT employee, has taken voluntary retirement and has been doing Matru Seva Sankalpa Yatra since 2018. He is using a Bajaj Chetak scooter given to him by his father for this purpose.

Krishna Kumar is doing the sankalpa yatra to fulfil the wish of his mother Choudaratnamma who made life worthwhile by always taking care of her family. Through this, he has decided to give his mother a tour of India. They have already visited shrines, religious centres, and tourist attractions all over India, including Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, China border etc. So far the mother son duo has covered 58302 Km.

It is noteworthy here to travel very slowly on a scooter to get familiar with the locality of the town and to experience the beauty of nature, as well as to take care of the mother’s health. He says that he does not have any health problems because he has adopted a healthy diet.

Life is worth fulfilling mom’s wishes. They are publishing this message to the world saying that there is no greater fortune than this. Many organizations have appreciated and honoured his achievement. His life is an example and Inspiring to others.

Govinda Ballamoole

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